With over 15 years of experience, improvement consultant, Dorsey Sherman, has worked across all industries.

Inpatient Hospitals
Behavioral Health
Financial Services
Physician Offices
Non-Profit Agencies

Easy-going and friendly, but also results-oriented, Dorsey’s unique style combination makes for the perfect fit for any healthcare organization. When an organization isn’t getting results, processes and behaviors need to change. Dorsey is by your side bringing confidence, leadership, and strategies to the table.

Dorsey Sherman

The official line: I am a leadership and continuous improvement coach trained at Michigan State University, University of Michigan and Case Western Reserve University. I have over 15 years of experience improving organizations and coaching leaders/staff to improve processes. I’ve worked across all industries. I speak regularly at Michigan Lean Consortium and presented at Katacon4 in Atlanta, GA in 2018. In February of 2020, I co-hosted KataCon6 in Austin, TX.

The bottom line: I love working with leaders and staff at all levels to solve problems and achieve excellence. I believe that applying the simple improvement steps of setting long-term goals, understanding your current condition, identifying short-term targets and experimenting to remove obstacles can truly change the culture of an organization.

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