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7 Ways to Measure Soft Skills

Whether you prefer Lean, Six Sigma, or Toyota Kata as your method of choice, measurement is a key principle and a thread that weaves its way through any scientific-thinking or improvement approach. It is through objective measurement that we remove assumption, bias, opinion, and let’s...

Toyota Kata Case Study

The wildly popular website and training organization just published my case study on how I applied the Toyota Kata practice routine at a non-profit human service agency. In the article, I describe how I applied the four-step improvement routine along with the Coaching Kata in...

What Are Your Triggers?

It has been well documented that Emotional Intelligence distinguishes the really great leaders from the 'just OK' ones. But EI can feel kind of elusive. Like, what does it really mean for me….right now….today?? While there are many models, I like the one from Case Western...

7 Ways Strategic Plans Go Wrong….And How to Fix Them

When done well, a strategic plan should provide clarity and direction on how to spend time and manage finite resources. While many organizations have a plan, few have plans that clearly prioritize daily work and guide resource and time management. The Problems Below are the most common problems with...