The Modèle Approach

We believe in setting very clear and simple strategic goals and then connecting those goals to daily improvement efforts throughout the organization.

Simplified Priorities.
Improve Continuously.

We approach all improvement by following the Improvement Kata model. That means starting with clear direction. What is a long-term goal that feels impossible right now? How can we add more value to our patients or customers? Secondly, we help you gather a deep understanding of the current condition followed by setting a short-term target condition. From there, leaders and staff experiment their way forward. Each day making progress by learning something new about the obstacles they are facing on their way to the goal. This approach is common sense, but not common practice.

Continuous improvement has the power to reduce waste and add value. More importantly, practicing new ways of thinking creates new neural pathways within your employees. This problem-solving capability can then be generalized to any problem or challenge such that organizations can truly achieve anything they strive for.

Many organizations want to ‘hold people accountable’ and get tough on deadlines and results. This approach has its limitations. I believe in coaching leaders to teach and promote an experimental mindset that increases problem-solving capability. When leaders are held accountable for daily learning and experimentation, true progress is achieved.

Easy-going and friendly, but also results-oriented, Dorsey’s unique style combination makes for the perfect fit for any healthcare organization. When an organization isn’t getting results, processes and behaviors need to change. Dorsey is by your side bringing confidence, leadership, and strategies to the table.

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