Coaching you to achieve any challenge with ease.

A consultant that gives a pre-packaged solution with all the answers won’t be helpful in the long-run. Modèle teaches you a fundamental problem-solving pattern as well as a mindset so that you can solve any problem and close any gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Modèle Services

Strategy Deployment

Take that strategic plan off the shelf and put it into action. What are you striving to achieve this year? Growth? Better customer experiences? Employee engagement? Cost reductions? We help you achieve clarity on your strategic priorities and then deploy those strategies to the front-line so that the whole organization is moving in the same direction.

Problem Solving

Scientific thinking is the foundation of all improvement work – this means focusing on data, facts, hypothesis and experimentation. You must adopt a curious and ‘learn through failure’ mindset in order to truly achieve innovation and create more value in your organization. However, this is not our default mode of thinking. We tend to go straight to solutions, many of which end up often not solving the root of the problem. I coach you to create new habits that can be generalized to solve any problem or achieve any goal.

Leadership Coaching

At the end of 2020, I’ll receive certification in Leadership Coaching from Case Western Reserve University. They run the only Coaching Research Lab in the U.S. and are actively studying and gathering evidence about what kind of coaching really works. Are you getting the results you want in your organization? Do the leaders and staff reporting to you meet your expectations? Have you considered the impact that your own behavior, your own thoughts, and emotions have on your actions and the results you create? My coaching is grounded in years of real-world experience as well as the evidence-based approaches of intentional change, emotional and social intelligence.

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