With over fifteen years of experience, Dorsey has worked across a wide spectrum of environments including hospitals, food manufacturing, skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation companies, financial services and non-profit agencies. Dorsey has amassed thousands of hours of coaching and teaching staff, managers and executives about continuous improvement and personal development.

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Ever get advice that doesn’t take into account all the work you’re already doing? Dorsey takes a different approach and meets you where you are. No matter your experience level, history or expertise, she stays by your side as you and your team learn a pattern of thinking and behaving that will help you achieve any challenge and take your business to the next level. Dorsey is skilled at connecting with people from all backgrounds and all levels of an organization.

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All organizations want a return on their improvement investment and Modèle has created bottom line results on every project. Just as important as results, Dorsey teaches you to understand continuous improvement methodology and scientific thinking. Focusing on the learning and development of leaders creates real and lasting change that goes beyond the celebratory presentation and into the culture of the organization.

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Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be


Meet Dorsey

Dorsey Sherman

I love working with leaders and staff at all levels to solve problems and achieve excellence. I believe that applying the simple steps of Toyota Kata can truly change the culture of an organization – the way things get done around here.

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What Others Are Saying

"Dorsey has the amazing ability to push people outside of their comfort zones in a respectful way. You will learn new process improvement techniques in a way that flows organically and seems intuitive. This is entirely based on Dorsey's skill set."

Nicholas Strait

Director, Clinical Consolidation | Mercy Health

"Working with Dorsey has brought significant positive change to my leadership skill set. Using the Kata method for process improvement has allowed my hospital departments to sustain improvements in areas that have challenged us for years. Dorsey's passion for improvement is contagious."

Lisa Rose

Mercy Health

"Dorsey took our process improvement projects from the abstract to the concrete that resulted in real change. When we would 'stumble or fall' she was able to assist in getting us back on track with her inquisitive style."

Carol L. Frybarger

System Director Care Management & Palliative Care | Mercy Health

"Fantastic. Great blend of discussion and exercises." "Great case study with real examples." "Friendly, interesting presenter with good Q and A." "Very interactive and helps to drive all the points home." "Great mixture of lecture/questions/activities." "Great exercise! Loved it!" "Appreciated the real learnings from implementing Lean and Kata."

Attendees at Dorsey's Improvement Kata/Coaching Kata Learning Session

Michigan Lean Consortium Annual Conference

“I really appreciated her [Dorsey’s] approach of teaching and coaching us through the process. Her style was very engaging which helped us dig deeper. When we started it was difficult to define our current condition and we had some resistance on our team. Dorsey guided us to work through strategies until we had THE breakthrough! Dorsey continued with us through all of the stages of the Kata. We made significant improvement on a topic that initially was not viewed as a problem related to the actual process we currently had in place but our metrics and data told us there was a problem. Learning the Kata was a great experience and extremely valuable to our organization. We are grateful for Dorsey’s expertise and continued support.”

Lisa C.

Healthcare Executive